FINANCIAL DOMINATION – where the fun begins
From as early as I can remember I’ve always managed to get what I want. As a busty blonde bombshell with deep seductive blue eyes, I have a knack of wrapping men around my little pinky, it’s an art form really – I happen to be god damn good at it
redirect for MY own gain – you become a pawn in my Financial Domination Mind Perverting program…
The more money I have, the more powerful I am and the happier I am. The more money I get from one person, the happier I am with that person.
It's really very simple - power turns me on, so money turns me on!

                                                       MY FINANCIAL ABUSE…                                                                  I’m extremely aware of my power over you. I know I am perfection, I am greedy, pampered perfection that will take everything you have because I know i  can, whilst you happily abide my commands. The allure of MY perfection is too strong for men to resist. I know that you need to feel humbled before me, and I use you like a pawn. I understand the deeply rooted, dark desires that drive you to me. I use those desires to my advantage to draw into you, and slowly start taking over, until you are intoxicated by my every word

                     HUMBLED, HELPLESS AND TANGLED WITHIN MY WEB                                                 

Your humiliation is my gain. Your intoxication with me is my gain. Your need to worship is my gain. Your gain is fulfilling the destiny of my dreams. I love the word gain i think it was invented for me hehe.

                                                TRAPPED LIKE A FLY IN HONEY                                                                  
My beauty is unquestionable. My hotness cannot be missed . My attitude and devious smile stops you in your tracks. Looking at ME makes you weak and helpless – I am THE financial domination Mistress. The intoxicating, addicting, consuming, allure of my power over you is already taking hold….. and all you can do is stand back and watch as i take from you  oney is Power.
I need money i crave money the thought of crisp fresh notes in my hand makes me moist . I’m not getting enough time to relax and I need to put my feet up. An investment in my life, to know you’re being a good boy
and making beautiful Princess happy!

I'm a bitch and a spoilt brat - i demand what i need and always get what i want "Daddy, buy me a pony", Princess.
There are so many ways I like to indulge I'm not going to just list them here, so here are some even more in depth ways of
pleasing my every need

I'm not just into financial Domination - as the rest of my website shows. But this turns me on so much and makes me wet by giving me the life of luxury and being pampered and treated how a princess should be . Taking money and power turns me on and brings a (slightly evil!) smile to my lips... >:) and moisten wet feeling in my knickers

mind fucked by boob hypnosis

Being a man, you have a weakness for titties and general tit worship. There’s nothing you can do about it, it’s a part of your genetic destiny. Normally, this wouldn’t cause a problem, but there are some financial domination Mistresses out there who know about this and exploit weak male minds and their adoration off all things boob, to their advantage just like me haha.

I am a financial domination Mistress that also offers boob domination i will leave you men dribbling and hypnotically captivated my my massive natural 36gg tits. I hypnotically trains men to stroke to nothing but my huge big tits, your fate is sealed. Slowly, i drip them of their cash whilst they are dominated, teased and seduced by my perfect perkies melons. My money slavery is sealed as they become a captured slave to my ggs.

Mistress will crack even the most reluctant money slave with my own unique brand of boob worship. Using my considerable assets… weapons of destruction my huge tits, sexy controlling face, . I will lure you down the road of seductive, yet cruel, financial domination. You won’t be ale to resist and once there its no return i love being the cruelest bitch I am your Mistress and you will do exactly what i ask.

Financial domination Mistress makes you sign everything over to me and i take EVERYTHING… or does i ? seductively
manipulative money mistress and all round ruthless cold hearted bitch yes me makes a successful living out of making men stupid for my greed. I identify the married rich sucker who im going to make my money slave. predatory vixen i pounce on you using my considerable physical charms and mean bitchy attitude is just too difficult to say no to, make you my victim submit to my every demand. But, this money Mistress is very clever. I have a lot of fun blowing your cash on myself my every whim and you just can’t say no. But, once i have drained my victim of all liquid assets, the only thing left to take is your estate. Watch me make mince meat out of the stupid sucker and your will. You got caught in my evil ruthless game and now there is no escape and i love having this power over you. will you sign everything over to me? By taking your will, i the mean big titted bitch will ruin you and sit back and laugh as i do so.
To call me  Direct for  a phone chat with me and get a feel of what im about visit this link   you can tip me on there also.

I do cater for real time meets also if your into wallet raping.

I wanna bathe in a bath full of notes i deserve it.

Come to me you know you want to you know how much you need me in your life

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